In today’s stressed and hectic life couples need to find interesting ways and means to give each other quality time. It can be catching up with a late night movie show or candle light dinner or simply hanging out with friends at a pub. All these self-indulgences can give you a run for your money health. How about something beneficial like workout with your mate! Having a nice chat while running on a treadmill or learning Pilates together helps remove the monotony and makes the workout a pleasure.

Working out on a fitness regime with your partner will not only help you build a better bonding but also a great body. Good health brings confidence in life. All the might sound great, but there can be a few startup problems in adjusting to each others routine.

Move it!

Firstly, find an exercise/activity, which would interest both of you (It could be long walks on the beach,riding bicycle,swimming,yoga,etc). If you are really enjoying the activity, set realistic goals and continue it on a regular basis. Do not worry, even if it is as simple as walks on the beach. A morning walk is definitely a good start! Try parking yourself a bit till that heart rate goes up a few notches. Do Not go over the edge though

Exercise Together

Get Trained!

Once you decide to go for a gym, get a personal trainer to work with you and your partner. at least initially. This will help you design a fitness plan to spend most of your workout time with each other. A cheerful earful for the ones worried about the cost… many gyms offer exciting discounts for couple workouts.

Be a Booster!

Always give each other a pep talk in order to be regular in your regime. There is a common problem amongst couples-if one is lazy the other follows suit. Even if your partner does not feel like exercising, you should not allow him/her to tempt you into skipping your workout for the day. At the same time, reward each other with something nice for being regular. just don’t make it an ice cream

Workout with your partner

Bring in fun!

If you get bored of the gym environment, just pack your bags and do something adventurous or exciting together. Go hiking,camping,river rafting or even bungee jumping on weekends and get adrenaline rushing. We all know that variety is the spice of life-alternate your exercise routines to the gym and outdoors every two or three days. Learning salsa, ballroom dancing or yoga together can bring in freshness to your life.