Benefits of Crosstrainer Workout

Elliptical / Cross trainers were first introduced into gyms in the mid 1990’s and since that time they have become more and more popular – and with good reason…

When shopping for exercise equipment, should it be an elliptical trainer or a treadmill is a common dilemma. Both can give you a good cardiovascular workout and help you burn calories. There are distinct advantages to an elliptical trainer, however, that lead many people to choose an elliptical machine for their home. We’ve taken the time to compare the features of both to help you determine which is right for you. Click here to choose your ideal Elliptical / Cross Trainer.

More Results For Your Effort

Remember that song, “Walking in the Air”, from The Snowman, the 1982 animation flick? You will probably want that on your Mobile if you are getting an elliptical Trainer, because that’s how it feels working out on these machines – like you are walking on air.

Traditional treadmills are great for full cardio workouts, but the effort they suck out of you makes some balk at the sheer effort. With elliptical trainers, you burn more calories with the same effort, or burn at your current level with less effort. You look forward to your regimen more than ever.

Studies have shown that you can work harder and expend more energy on an elliptical machine (especially those with arm poles) without feeling tired – you actually feel like you are doing less. You burn more calories but you think you have done less work –excellent!

Elliptical Vs Treadmill

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